Nov. 15-Dec. 13 Group Class




5 Classes, Wednesdays, November 15 – December 13

All five (5) group classes are geared towards creating a healthy relationship between you and your dog and between your dog and other dogs. Our hope is that we can create a foundation for you and your dog that can eventually lead to a canine good citizen title and/or trick dog title if you so desire. If that is not your goal, then we hope to create a positive relationship between you and your dog, and just so that you can simply enjoy your dog!

We will use training tools such as a slip leash or martingale collar, head collar, clicker, long lines, and treats! We will modify our training practices to best fit your dog’s learning style, with an emphasis on the two following quadrants of conditioning: positive reinforcement (adding a reward when they do something right) and negative punishment (taking away a reward when they do something negative).