Make your reservations early and only for the time(s) needed. The pet-owner is responsible for paying the full fee, whether the reservation stay is shortened or the reservation stay is lengthened.

Stonehill Kennel and Farm

Stonehill Pet Parents

Starting Friday, July 8th, Departure Day will be included in your pet’s boarding stay if picked up in the evening between 4-7 pm.

$55+starting at
  • Grooming services are available by appointment only. Call us to schedule or to add these services to a dog boarding visit.

FREE 1-3 Hour Drop-off Trial

for New Dogs to get Positively Acclimated to the Kennel

  • Training Fees: $25/day; Leash Training & Basic Manners Training
  • Treats: Filled Kongs, Ice Cream pup cups, Greenies $5/day
  • Daily One Mile Walk: $25/day
  • 15-Minute Hike: $15
  • Pre-Boarding Intake Consult for New Clients with Intact Males: $25-$50


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