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Clean, Happy Pups!

At Stonehill, our grooming services go beyond mere pampering; they are a crucial aspect of your pup’s overall health and wellness. While many see dog grooming as a way to primp and spoil, we believe it plays a vital role in preventive care. Our grooming goals focus on preventing diseases and illnesses, with the aim of early detection during grooming to avert potential emergencies.

During each grooming session, our dedicated team conducts a thorough check for fleas, ticks, skin irritants, and any unusual lumps or bumps. Our commitment is summed up by a ‘duty to report,’ ensuring that any physical issues discovered are promptly communicated to the owners while providing the utmost care to your furry friend.

Our gentle baths are available seven days a week, with appointments made by reservation, and we often accommodate same-day requests. Full-service grooming can be scheduled independently or in conjunction with boarding. Additionally, we offer personalized grooming instruction for those interested in a grooming career. For more information or to schedule a visit, please give us a call. Your pup’s well-being is our top priority!

Grooming Menu

    A La Carte Services

    *Dependant on size + coat condition
    Nail Trim
    Nail Paint
    Dremel Add-On
    Ear Cleaning
    Teeth Cleaning
    Anal Glands
    Brush Out (Basic)
    Brush Out (Deshedding)
    Matting Fee - Per Half Hour
    Trim - Paw Pads
    Trim - Basic Face Only
    Trim - Sanitary

    Spa Packages

    Includes bath, blow out, basic brush out, ear cleaning, and nail trimming.
    Puppy Grooming Intro
    Small Package (under 25 lbs)
    Medium Package (up to 50 lbs)
    Large Package (up to 65 Ibs)
    XL Package (up to 80 lbs)
    XXL Package (up to 100 Ibs)
    XXXL Package (over 100 lbs)
    Holiday Grooming Package
    $20 for small to medium. $25 for large and extra large.
    Designed to add a touch of magic to your pet’s appearance! Treat your furry friend to painted nails, a holiday-inspired bandana, or charming bows and bow-tie accessories. As a delightful bonus, your pup will get in a bath with sugar cookie-scented shampoo, followed by a finishing spray in your preferred fragrance (pumpkin spice, gingerbread, or candy cane). If you prefer to pick and choose, these options are also available as standalone add-ons at a la carte prices. Give your pet the pampering they deserve this holiday season!

    Bathing Services

    Small (under 25 lbs)
    Medium (up to 50 lbs)
    Large (up to 65 Ibs)
    XL (up to 80 lbs)
    XXL (up to 100 lbs)
    XXXL (over 100 Ibs)

    Haircut Services

    *Spa Package required in addition to haircut service. Listed haircut services are starting at and are subject to increase based on your pet’s coat condition.
    Small Cut (under 25 lbs)
    Medium Cut (up to 50 lbs)
    Large Cut (up to 65 Ibs)
    XL Cut (up to 80 Ibs)
    XXL Cut (up to 100 lbs)
    XXXL Cut (over 100 lbs)
    NOTE: If your pet has significant matting or other unforeseen coat/condition concerns, the listed prices do not reflect accurate pricing! Severe matting or poor coat condition will result in an increased price.