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Our Pack

Your Pet is in Good Hands

At Stonehill, our dedicated team is committed to providing the highest quality care for your beloved pet.

Beamesderfer Family, Stonehilll Owners

Beamesderfer Family


Our Beamesderfer Family are proud owners/operators of Stonehill Kennel and Farm on Wertzville Road in Enola. Thank you to our fantastic Central PA community for supporting our family in this “pawsitively” exciting venture.
Ali, Stonehill Operations Manager


Operations Manager

Ali aspired to become a dog trainer at an early age and before dog training school, she trained several dogs in her basic and advanced obedience. She continued her education at a dog training school and became a certified master dog trainer. She worked at Keystone K9 for two years become coming to Stonehill. Ali trained her Belgian Malionis, Shadow, in obedience, agility, scent work, felon tracking, narcotics, and protection. Ali’s expertise extends not only in obedience but training her dogs for narcotics, explosives and cadaver for search and rescue.


Daycare Manager

Callie is our Daycare Manager. Callie began working with dogs in spring 2017 at Keystone K9. Callie stayed with Keystone K9 for five years, during which she managed for a period of time. She got married in August 2021 and welcomed her first baby, Juniper Anne, in June 2022. Callie is always eager to meet new dogs and learn how to care best for them. She is enrolled in canine behavior classes and will become a certified canine behavior consultant. Callie has trained her own dog to be an ESA, recognizing cues of anxiety attacks and depressive episodes. She also does basic obedience/puppy training.


Dog Trainer

Katrina is Stonehill’s trainer, and will be leading group classes as well as offering private training. She has worked under the mentorship of Jillian at Riverfront Dog Training and has attended multiple workshops held by esteemed dog trainers around the US. She has experience as a kennel attendant, and as vet tech assistant. Katrina has 2 poodles, Ryder and Pilot who are her dog training partners and a cat, Midna. She is a member of the International Association for Canine Professionals (IACP), proving commitment to furthering her dog training education each year in order to best serve our pack members!


Weekend Kennel Assistant

Kayla loves to spend her weekend with our pups! She has a long history of working with animals, rescues, and foster dogs! She is currently helping Homeless to Home Huskies, and has a few pups of her own, plus a foster dog named Blizzard! She works hard on the weekends and always manages to sneak extra treats and playtime to the boarders!


Kennel Manager

As a morning Lead Kennel Assistant, Jess is part of our management team. Jess has been working with dogs for more than 10 years. She has worked in kennels and has dog grooming experience. Jess wants to become a Certified Vet Tech in the future, but is happy with her current position at Stonehill by helping keep our pups happy and healthy. She looks forward to meeting your furry friend!


Weekend Kennel Assistant

Allie is one of our weekend warriors! She has three dogs of her own, and loves working for the pups. She loves to give extra snuggles and kisses and attention. She always says, “If this is were my dog, I’d want this to be done for them” and that is exactly what we like to do when we spoil your pets. Allie is engaged to be married and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.
Taj, Stonehill Groomer


Groomer & Kennel Assistant

Taj is studying to be a certified vet tech, and has previous grooming training. She came to us from an emergency veterinary clinic, so Taj brings a wide skill set to our kennel. She provides our grooming services here at Stonehill, and helps with the routine care and socialization of our kennel guests. Her patient and calming nature help to comfort all the dogs in her care. We are lucky to have her!
Anicia, Stonehill Daycare and Kennel Attendant


Daycare & Kennel Attendant

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to do nothing but have/raise/work with animals. Animals of all kinds from fish to horses. Dogs became a part of me more living in a home filled with puppies. Training dogs’ new tricks is always and will always be my passion. I’ll do anything for a dog, just as much as the dog will do anything for a human. Not only do we have a working dog, but our whole family has a best friend. Being able to work with animals is a dream come true.
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