Puppy Kindergarten




5 Classes, Monday-Friday. The Puppy Kindergarten class is a building block for pawrents hoping to have a well-mannered dog once their pup gets older. Giving your dog structure with basic obedience commands is a great tool to help with their success – and we want nothing but the best for our fur babies!

During the week (M-F) your dog will get 1-2 hours of training a day, participate in daycare each day, and get a bath and nail trim towards the end of the week. There is also a boarding night included in the class, so pups can practice being kenneled away from home. They will go home with a daily report card, going over what they did that day.

Once the week is completed you will have a “graduation” meeting with Callie and go over everything your pup learned during the week. The meeting may or may not be with the other dogs in that week’s class. Your pup will also receive a certificate.